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communication and understanding

the natural way

Do you have a young horse or do you have a non-fixable problem with your horse? I will help you and your horse to find a playful way to reach your goal. I train all kind of horses, young, old, ill-bred, aggressive, yes you name it. I do have a lot of experience in:    Loading in a trailer,  young-horse training,  horse-breaking, environment training.


  Aggressiveness,     Horses who kicks,  Playful  trainingmethods.


 I have clinics, ridinglessons and I give out lectures. I work a lot with the owner/rider. 

It´s very important to get a good horse/man/woman connection if you want a good result.

The education period depends from horse to horse.

That means that I have to look at every new horse and its problem

before I can decide how long time the education is going to take and

how much it will cost. Therefor please contact by e-mail or give me a call. or 0046 72 52 82 489 


Welcome to Natural horsemanship Clinics  with Silvio Wirth:



Learn how to communicate with your horse in a natural way.

All you need is a horseman halter and a 4 m long line,

and plenty of time.

I have Clinics at my place, on riding schools, private and

at your riding club.You decide what is the most suitable for

 you and your horse.

In the beginners course the goal is to earn the respect from your horse and to learn how to communicate in a natural way. This Clinic includes a lot of step by step instruction and a lot of work on the ground. You will learn how to think and act like a horse and how to have fun with your horse. But there will also be some riding and you will learn how to get the right balance on the horseback. You will learn when to give your horse credit at the right time and when to not give any.


In the proceeding Clinic we will work much more on the horseback. We will use what we have learned on the ground but now we are sitting on the horse. I will teach you how to move and ride your horse with small signs. You will work with your balance and with your legs, hands and seat so they will become soft. Also learn when to stop using your leg at the right time is very important, and when to give the horse credit for his work.



My name is Silvio and I´m going to teach you how easy it can be to

communicate in a natural way with your horse. I was born in Switzerland

and I grew up with my dads horses around me from day one. The first time

I fell down from a horse I was only four months, luckily my dad caught me.

It has happened a "few" times more since then . When I was sixteen

I went on my first trip to Montana USA, It was there my dream started

to take place.

In Montana I learned how to work with horses in an natural way called Natural horsemanship.

But from the very begining I learned how to take care of horses from my dad, but the older

you get the more experience you get. I got a lot of knowledge from books, videocoaching,

Clinics and many many hours on the horseback. And above all, you learn from your own mistakes,

 that is very important to remember.

Now days I´m living my dream here in Mårdaklev, Sweden. I would be happy to share my experience

with you and give you an unforgettable time. Welcome!